Fish Meal is recognized as a valuable animal protein supplement and a source of vitamins, minerals and unknown growth factors. Fish Meals are added to the diet as high quality supplements to obtain efficient diets, particularly for aquaculture & animal feed.


Fish Oil has an important application in the animal feed industry (mainly aquaculture and poultry), where it is known to enhance growth, feed conversion rate (FCR) and increased resistance to diseases. Fish Oil is one of the natural remedies for a number of health problems.


Refined Fish Oil has an important application in Leather Chemical, Aqua, Pet, Pharma & Food industry. Crude Fish Oil has undesirable substance present in varying amounts. These are removed by refining or processing to increase its usefulness as a starting material for the manufacture of industrial products.



An inventory product produced from the stick water/ protein water after parting Fish Oil during the production process by solubilizing/evaporation methods. This has been a very good substitute for the Fish Meal for the animals feeds as it contains a larger amount of moisture and contains numerous unidentified growth promoting substances/nutrients normally amino acids/ trace elements/ minerals that are essential for the rapid growth of animals/ pets. Application as feed ingredient for animal and poultry feeds.