Zeodigest®, Zeoaqua® and Zeobed®

Zeodigest® is an animals feed additive. Zeodigest® maximizes the performance of feeds nutrients. FDA approves natural zeolite (the active ingredient of Zeodigest®) as anti-caking agent and toxin binder for feed producers. Livestock farmers use Zeodigest® for beef cattle, dairy cows, swine, poultry (boilers & egg production), sheep, rabbits and turkeys, etc

Zeoaqua® is highly selective medium for adsorbing ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, and phosphates that is utilized for fish farming, fish aquarium and fish transportation systems.Using Zeoaqua® can reduce ammonium content of circulating freshwater from aquaculture systems as much as 97%.

Zeobed® is a high quality powder with exceptional moisture and malodor adsorbing properties . Zeobed® creates a dry environment in which pathogens do not grow or multiply. Zeobed® reduces offensive odors and retains nitrogen resulting value-added fertilizers. Zeobed®  is widely used in at litter-boxes, dog kennels, horse stalls, composting process, and other enclosed areas