Witte-Lastrup GmbH

Witte-Lastrup GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of feed transport systems for Pig- and Poultry barns, like CHAIN-DISCS and FLEX-AUGERS as well as their components and individual parts.


There are more than 25.000 Witte feeding units working worldwide.

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Curved cast Iron wheel for chain-feeding-system 60mm

NEW optimized curved cast iron wheel, with 5 nubs on the tread and 2 gabs each side
wheel for chain-feeding-system 60mm.

This iron wheel is one part of our NEW Flat-Corner 90°

V-Power 2.0 – Conveyor chain hardened, disc distance: 71,5 mm, disc Ø 44 mm

The V-Power Chain for our Premium Feed System!

– Hardened high tensile Steel chain
– double Fixing points inside Chain tab
– Chain Tabs of black special treated plastic material with fiberglass (Ø 44mm)
– New developed geometry for double stability between chain and tab

for calculated length up to 500 m

Drive-Unit (#10022000) in combination with our V-Power 2.0 chain (#10211046) :

The V-Power 2.0 is probably the strongest feeding-chain on the world

Simple system description
The feed transportation system is a closed circuit for the transportation of feed from the hopper to inside the farm.
The System is made up of conveyor pipes (12) and deflector corner pieces (7).
The Drive-Unit moves the chain and the chain moves the feed inside the system.

Special features of our feeding system

– For transportation of meal/ granulate 500m
– For transportation of pellets 400m
– Recommended running time per day 4h
– Maximum amount of corners: 20 pieces