PPF Poultry Equipment


1. Features and Characteristic Performance:

a. High Absorption
b. High level of evaporative efficiency releasing cool air
c. No carry over and self cleansing
d. Longer life span and low maintenance cost
e. Anti-Mildew, Moss, Moth preventive material
f. Excellent wetting properties and easy to clean
g. Easy to install and Environmentally friendly
h. Customized made by customer’s requirement and standard

2. Material (Paper): Finland Paper – 100 grams (thickness), 2.4kg (weight/pc)
3. Color: Brown and Black Coated
4. Angle: 7090 (45*45) and 7060 (45*15)
5. Flute/Wave: 7mm
6. Sizes:

a. Height (mm): 2500, 2000, 1800, 1500 and 1000
b. Widht (mm): 300 and 600
c. Thickness/Depth (mm): 100 and 150

6. Application: Livestock, Factory/Warehouse and Greehouse

GO – NIPPLE (WATERING SYSTEM) MODELS: S-01, J-01, S-03, S-04 and S-05

1. Poultry dumplings with red or orange delrin outer sheath and stainless material
2. Internal stainless steel with stainless steel seal.
3. Has a thick pin and a top cone for controlled water dispensing. Nipple is pushed in PVC tube using mounting tube. Suitable for round and square pipe.
4. Usage: Drinking/Watering System (Water Flow 25-80 ml/min. – pushed in action,  20-60 ml/min. – side action)
5. Application: Broiler, Layer, Duck, Pullet and Rearing Poultry Farm


1. External Frame: Galvanized Box Type
2. Blade Size: 52″
3. Nos. of Blade: 6 Stainless Steel Blade
4. Motor (Available): 1.5 HP
5. Voltage: 380V
6. Airflow m³/h: 43,000
7. Size: 1380 x 1380 x 450mm
8. Hertz: 50Hz and 60Hz
9. Weight: 77Kg
10. Application: Livestock, Factory/Warehouse and Greenhouse