1. News about poultry

First 10 months of 2023: Vietnam imported over 2.3 million chicken breeds

The amount of parent breed chickens (white meat chickens and meat colored chickens) imported to Vietnam in 2022 is 2,919,811 chickens; In the first 10 months of the year, Vietnam imported over 2.31 million white-feathered chickens (up 3.6% over the same period in 2022) and 49 thousand parent-level colored chickens;

Currently, the demand for production breeds is very large, it is necessary to maintain breeding flocks: 5-5.5 million breeding parent chickens, 138-140 thousand breeding grandparents chickens, demand for chicken breeds for livestock production. Annual commercial product is about 700-750 million per year, of which industrial chickens with white feathers are about 25-28%, chickens with colored feathers are 72-75%; The grandparent waterfowl herd has 70-72 thousand breeding females and 2.3-2.4 million breeding waterfowl parents.

Currently, the whole country has over 200 units raising purebred and grandparent chickens (06 public service units, nearly 200 domestic and FDI enterprises), with thousands of households raising 4-5 million breed chickens. Chicken breeding facilities are concentrated mainly in the Southeast region, the Central Coast and the Red River Delta.

White-feathered industrial chicken breeds are mainly produced and supplied by FDI enterprises. About 70% of colored feather chicken breeds are supplied by domestic enterprises and livestock households, and about 30% are supplied by FDI enterprises.

Nearly 90% of chicken breeds and 40% of duck breeds for commercial farming are produced by private enterprises and households, the rest are supplied by state-owned establishments. Typical companies are: CP Vietnam, Japfa Comfeed, Emivest, Dabaco, Minh Du, Cao Khanh, Luong Hue, Grimaud Vietnam etc. About 10% of chicken breeds and 60% of duck breeds are supplied from state-owned public service units such as: Thuy Phuong Poultry Research Center, Dai Xuyen Duck Research Center, VIGOVA Livestock Research and Development Center.

Source: Department of Livestock Production

De Heus, Orvia and Lan Chi: Establishing a high-quality duck breeding company

November 7, 2023, in Ho Chi Minh City, De Heus Group (Netherlands), Orvia Group (France) and Lan Chi Livestock Company signed to establish Orvia Vietnam Company – High quality duck breeding company.

The joint venture between the three businesses combines the strengths and outstanding capabilities of the shareholders, specifically the extensive knowledge of Orvia’s selection and breeding, the modern breeding and hatching facilities of Lan Chi and more than 100 years of experience in the field of nutrition and farm management of De Heus.

Orvia is known as one of the largest and most famous duck breed companies in the world with a strict screening process for genetic selection. Orvia’s source of purebred ducks is imported directly from France, where the company is headquartered as well as its breed genetic center. Therefore, Orvia Vietnam commits to duck farming customers about the level of purity and integrity of the breed source.

Since 2009, De Heus has always been committed to supporting Vietnamese farmers through the successful development of value chain models in many fields, such as pigs, white chickens, as well as many other types of seafood etc. This solid foundation will help to successfully develop a value chain model for the duck meat industry.

The quality of the Orvia duck breed is currently highly appreciated by the market, but Orvia Vietnam is expected to soon launch a new, more improved duck breed in the fourth quarter of 2023, which is expected to be a high-energy duck breed. highest yield in Vietnam.

Source: Chăn nuôi Việt Nam Magazine

Vietnam exports official bird’s nest products to China

On November 16, 2023, in Lang Son, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Lang Son Provincial People’s Committee chaired the ceremony to announce the export of Vietnam’s first batch of bird’s nest products to the Chinese market according to the Protocol signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Vietnam Rural Development and China General Administration of Customs (GDC) on November 9, 2022. Accordingly, AVANEST Nutrition Joint Stock Company is the first Vietnamese enterprise to be granted a code by the General Department of Customs of China to allow the export of two groups of bird’s nest products (including: refined bird’s nest and steamed bird’s nest). The preparation process for exporting bird’s nests and bird’s nest products from Vietnam to China started in 2018.

2. News about the dairy industry

Moc Chau Milk: Total herd of cows is more than 27,000

Currently, Moc Chau Milk has one concentrated livestock farm and 510 dairy farmers affiliated with the Company, with a total herd of more than 27,000 cows and the average fresh milk output of nearly 100,000 tons/year. Regarding the farming system of farm households, currently the entire veterinary system, artificial insemination and management of breeds and animal feed of the farm are all directly done by Company staff, guiding farmers in implementation. 100% of livestock households have milking machines, cow bathing machines, lawn mowers, and green food chopping machines. All livestock households apply livestock farming procedures according to VietGAP standards.

Since the beginning of 2020, after Moc Chau Milk officially became a member of Vinamilk, two big names in the Vietnamese dairy industry spent more than two years researching and forming a project called “Moc Chau Milk Paradise Complex”, with a total investment capital of up to 3,150 billion VND.

Nguồn: Sơn La Newspaper


IDP ‘poured’ 600 billion VND to set up a dairy company in Hung Yen

On October 10, 2023, the Board of Directors of International Dairy Joint Stock Company (Stock code: IDP) has just approved the establishment of International Dairy Company Limited – Hung Yen (IDP Hung Yen). This company has a charter capital of 600 billion VND, 100% of which is contributed by IDP. IDP Hung Yen registered its main business in the field of processing milk and dairy products.

The representative managing IDP’s capital contribution in this enterprise is Mr. To Hai (Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDP) and Ms. Dang Pham Minh Loan (General Director of IDP), each representing 50% of the capital contribution. Currently, IDP owns 3 milk processing factories in Chuong My district (Hanoi), Ba Vi (Hanoi) and Tay Bac Industrial Park, Cu Chi, HCM City. In addition, IDP is building a milk processing factory in the expanded Bau Bang Industrial Park, Long Tan commune, Dau Tieng district, Binh Duong province, with a capacity of 300,000 tons of products/year.

3. News about Animal Feed

In the first 10 months of 2023, Vietnam spent 5.6 billion USD importing raw materials

According to the Department of Livestock, accumulated in the first 10 months of 2023, The total volume of imported animal feed ingredients reached 13.6 million tons (equivalent to 5.6 billion USD), down 3.9% in volume and 11.3% in value compared to the same period in 2022. Some main imported materials: 5.4 million tons of corn kernels (equivalent to 1.7 billion USD), 4 million tons of oil cake (equivalent to 2 billion USD), wheat and barley 1.2 million tons (equivalent to 387 million USD), DDGS 900 thousand tons (equivalent to 296 million USD), supplementary feed 443 thousand tons (equivalent to 475 million USD).

Source: Department of Livestock Production

In 2024, animal feed ingredients prices are forecast to change unpredictably

Mr. Nguyen Duc Dung – Deputy General Director of Vietnam Merchandise Exchange (MXV) said that, in the context of the current continuously fluctuating global situation, the world agricultural product prices in general and the animal feed ingredients prices in our country in particular will have more unpredictable developments in 2024. Therefore, Vietnam needs to closely monitor all changes in the global agricultural supply to be able to promptly and accurately identify price trends.

 In the immediate future are crop developments in South America, especially in Brazil and Argentina – the two largest soybean and corn supply markets for Vietnam in many years. Currently, the crop in South America is in the planting and growing stage, expected to be harvested early next year. If the weather in this area becomes unfavorable and affects production potential, the price of animal feed ingredients in our country may increase again and continue to remain at a high level as in the past 3 years.

 Source: www.nhacchannuoi.vn


Opening of Asia’s largest factory producing animal feed from black soldier flies

On November 23, Entobel Company opened a new factory producing animal feed from Black Soldier Fly (BSF) in Vietnam. The factory was built in a record 12 months, has 50 levels of vertical farming, and combines automation through robotics, advanced sensors and data analytics to help improve productivity.

Located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of insect protein, this is the largest animal feed factory from Black Soldier Fly in Asia today, marking Entobel’s second industrial-scale production facility in Vietnam, after the factory in Dong Nai.

The company is funded by a $33 million Series B round raised in 2022 and backed by Mekong Capital, Dragon Capital and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Entobel’s end products include insect proteins and insect oils that are consumed primarily in the aquaculture and livestock industries. In addition, Entobel also produces insect fertilizer, a sustainable source of fertilizer that helps reduce the need to use chemical fertilizers, which account for the majority of field operating costs. In Vietnam, Entobel also established partnerships strategy with Heineken beer maker, the main raw material supplier. This partnership aims to create a circular ecosystem by upgrading Heineken Vietnam’s production by-products into high-quality proteins, oils and organic fertilizers, while generating high quality supply and stable traceable raw materials for Entobel.

It is known that Entobel plans to continue expanding in Vietnam and is preparing to build new facilities in markets such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Entobel is targeting a Series C funding round in the first half of 2024 to support its growth plans.

Source: Cafebiz

4. News about Animal Health

Over 1.3 million doses of ASF vaccine have been supplied and used

According to the Department of Animal Health, the number of ASF vaccines produced, supplied and used by 02 companies Navetco and AVAC, specifically as follows: The total number of ASF vaccines supplied and used since the issuance of circulation license is over 1.3 million doses; The number of vaccines supplied and expanded vaccine use after the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued Official Dispatch No. 4870/BNN-TY dated July 24, 2023 is nearly 375,000 doses, including 75,000 doses of vaccine produced by Navetco Company, and 300,000 doses produced by AVAC Company; The number of exported vaccines is 300,000 doses. The number of vaccines produced and stored in the companies’ warehouses is over 2 million doses.

Source: Chăn nuôi Việt Nam Magazine