PRESS RELEASE: ILDEX Vietnam increases its focus on international buyers, promises booming businesses at the show floor, and attracting 200 top buyers to the show

1 December 2017, Hanoi-HCMC, Vietnam

With 4 months still to go, more than 80% of the exhibition space for ILDEX Vietnam 2018, which takes place from 14-16 March 2018 at SECC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has already been sold. The demand for spaces has exceeded expectation because the number of exhibitors has risen by 20%. Moreover, there are several newcomers and many companies doubling their exhibition display area. With 250 regional and international brands being exhibited from 35 countries, the event provides a unique platform for businesses from around the world to share their latest industry technology, equipment, new products and services with the people who matter. VNU Exhibition Asia Pacific, the organizer of ILDEX Vietnam, is ready to announce the new strategy and find more new experiences for visitors under the theme “Livestock Technology for the Future.”

Vietnam livestock consumption has grown significantly

Vietnam’s livestock consumption and meat demand have risen significantly over the last decade and is forecasted to reach 4.5 million tons in 2019. Despite the fact that domestic pork production is relatively sufficient for the domestic consumption demand, there is a significant shortage in the supply of beef and chicken. Besides the strong growth in both income and population. The top international exhibitors that will be showcasing their innovations for the livestock sector at the event come from the Netherlands, France, USA, South Korea, China, UK, Argentina and Turkey. This is the important sign that more international investors continue to have an interest in the Vietnam livestock market.

Exhibitors at ILDEX Vietnam include the Korea Feed Ingredients Association (Korea) Business France (France), Big Dutchman (Germany), and Menon International (USA). There are several newcomers, such as the Korea Association for Livestock Housing Environment and Machinery (South Korea), Eggtech (South Korea), ISN Asia (UK), Cevasa (Argentina), Aytav Equipment Poultry (Turkey), plus regional semi-governments and ministries, as well as livestock media to support our show.

Hosted Buyer Program

ILDEX Vietnam increases its focus on international buyers, promises booming businesses at the show floor, and attracting 200 top buyers to the show.

To upgrade and internationalize the quality of the visitors at the exhibition, the seventh edition of ILDEX Vietnam will focus on a business platform that streamlines new product discovery between product suppliers, retailers and international buyers. We understand what consumers want and understanding what buyers need can be a time-consuming and exhaustive process. For this edition, the hosted buyer program that we launched three months before the show has been very successful. More than 200 top buyers both international and local in CEO, manager and company owner submit and prepare to meet the exhibitors at the exhibition. The event will include an easy-to-consume snapshot of what’s trending in the industry, what buyers need to know, and more. The power of the potential buyer will explore the business during the show period.

Criteria and benefits

To facilitate business matching at the show, the organizer this year has come up with a VIP Hosted Buyer Program, creating an effective platform for top quality buyers from the procurement, purchasing and supply chain management divisions within the commercial aviation sector to meet with our exhibitors on a pre-schedule basis.

The Hosted Buyers may be nominated by the exhibitors, industry associations or government agencies. Interested buyers who are seeking specific products and solutions may also leverage this business matching program to identify new business partners. The type of buyer program will have 3 programs which include the local VIP Program, the ASEAN VIP Package and the International VIP package.

One buyer who joined the Hosted Buyer Program in ILDEX Indonesia 2017 said that “I joined the Hosted Buyer Program of ILDEX Indonesia 2017. I’m very excited to join the Hosted Buyer Program of ILDEX exhibition for the first time. The livestock market in Indonesia is very important for us. This program will provide me with better opportunities. I am able to meet the top companies at the exhibition face to face and open market channels to open a linkage between Myanmar and Indonesia. So I think this is the good program that can help us to expand our business in the other country.” said Dr. Moe Myint, Executive Member of the Myanmar Livestock Federation.

The seventh edition of ILDEX Vietnam 2018 will take place at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, Hall A1-A2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 14-16 March 2018.

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