Barbaros motor

Barbaros is a leading professional agricultural, dairy, livestock machinery and equipment manufacturer and exporter since 1994.

Barbaros’ products scope contains;
– Feed preparation machines (cutting / grinding / crushing / mixing)
– Cow brushes (animal comfort)
– Portable or pipeline milking systems (to get the milk from different type of animals)
– Vacuum pumps, Machines to produce derivatives of milk (cream / butter / ayran)
– Irrigation and agricultural spraying machines (with different tank capacity / alternative drive system)
– Hazelnut green skin pealing machines
– Tomato sauce machines
– Trailer (with or w/o leaf spring / gear box / hydraulic lift)
– Wheelbarrow
– Rakes / Shovel / Hoe (plastic)
– Water bowls (plastic or metal)
– Spare parts of our machines

According to customer’s significant requests, we are able to produce any kind of machine or equipment

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