Conference in ILDEX Vietnam 2016

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Conference in ILDEX Vietnam 2016

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Conference in ILDEX Vietnam 2016

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Networking cocktail: Meeting Dutch and Vietnamese Poultry and Swine experts

Networking cocktail: Meeting Dutch and Vietnamese Poultry and…

Two conferences present specialists in milling, genetics and aqua

ILDEX Vietnam 2016 offers visitors an opportunity to hear and…


José Antonio García Ruvalcaba José Antonio García…

Master Class Interactive Essay program

Today’s inspiration for tomorrow's implementation Interactive…
Dr Acharya Sailasuta

FAVA Team ready for ILDEX Vietnam

Warmest greetings to the FAVA-ILDEX 2016 Seminar, which will…


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Wednesday, 23rd March 2016

Conference Hall 1,  2nd Floor, SECC

13:30-16:00 Livestock Vietnam market, by Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (MARD)

13:30 – 13:40 Resgistrion and Delegates Introduction

13:40 – 14:00 Welcome speech, by Dr Hoang Thanh Van, Director General Department of Livestock

14:00 – 14:20 “Current Status and Development Orientation of Vietnam Livestock in the Coming Time”, by Dr. Tong Xuan Chinh, Deputy of Department of Livestock

14:20 – 14:30 Q&A

14:30 – 14:50 “Improving Swine Rates to Enhance Farming Productivity in Vietnam”, by Dr.Kieu Minh Luc, CP Vietnam

14:50 – 15:00 Q&A

15:15 – 15:45 “Solutions for Improving Poultry Quality Rates in Vietnam”, by Dr. Duong Xuan Tuyen, National Resarch Institute of Animal Science- NIAS

15:45 – 16:00 Q&A

16:00 – 16:20 “High – tech Application in Canada Dairy Cow Selection and Production”, by Minh Dang Company

16:20 – 16:30 Q&A

Conference Hall 2,  2nd Floor, SECC

13:30-14:40 “To Achieve Safe and Efficacious Animal Husbandry by Bio-Feed Technology”, by Dr. Liao Chao, Guangdong Hinabiotech

14:40-15:00 Coffee Break

15:00-16:30 “An Introduction of Full-tide: An Effective Alternative of Antibiotics”, by Dr. Liao Chao, Guangdong Hinabiotech

16:30-17:00 “Discussion about the No Antibiotics Strategy in Animal Feeds”.

VIV Master Class:  Interactive Essays

Meeting Room 2: 3rd Floor, SECC

12.30-17.00 Interactive Essays: Value Creation in Swine Production & Processing

12.30-13.00 Registration

13.00: Introductory Practice of Mr Wyno Zwanenburg, Former President of Netherlands Union for Pig Farmers

13.00-15.00 Panel 1:  “The Key challenges discussion on Diet Optimization and Health”, by experts from Biomin and De Heus

15.00-15.30 Coffee Break

15.30-17.00 Panel 2: “The Key challenges discussion of Profitable Swine Farming & Processing”, by experts from by SKOV, Big Dutchman, MPS

Meeting Room 3, 3rd Floor, SECC

13.00-17.00 “Application of Protease Enzyme in Animal Feed: Benefit Beyond Cost Saving” by Jefo Nutrition

13:00-13:50 “Life, Made Easier Approach”, by Mr. Didier Arnaud, Asia Sales Director

13:50-14:10 “Capsule Solutions and Introduction to Jefo Matrix Technology”, by Mr. Jean-Christophe Bodin, I&D Director

14:10-14:40 “Protein Optimization in Aquaculture”, by Dr. Kabir Chowdhury, Global Technical Manager – Aqua

14:40-15:10 Tea Break

15:10-15:40 “Feed Costs in Poultry”, by Mr. Jean-Christophe Bodin, I&D Director

15:40-16:00 “Reducing Antibiotics Growth Promoter in Broiler Production”, by Mr. Jean-Christophe Bodin, I&D Director

16:00-16:30 “Protein Optimization in Swine”, by Mr. Jean-Christophe Bodin, I&D Director

Thursday, 24th March 2016

Conference Hall 1, 2nd Floor, SECC

09:15-16:30 Farming Sector, by Nong Lam University

  1. Solutions for Improvement of Feed Quality, by Assoc. Prof. Duong Duy Dong, PhD. 
  2. Effects of T2 Toxin on Broilers and Solution, by Nguyen Quang Thieu, PhD.
  3. Determination of Metablisable Energy of Some Common Feed Ingredients in CV-Super Meat Duckbroiler, by Nguyen Van Hiep, MSc.
  4. Investigation of Chromosome Abnormalities in Breeding Boars, by Quach Tuyet Anh, PhD.
  5. Use of Rice-based Diets for Weaned Pigs, by Assoc. Prof. Che Minh Tung, PhD.

09:15-16:30 Veterinary Sector, by Nong Lam University

  1. Balantidium Coli in Pigs: Current Status and Future Solutions, by Do Tien Duy. PhD.
  2. The Situation of Fungal Infectionin Poultry and Therapeutic Experiences, by Nguyen Thi Thu Nam, MSc.
  3. Clinical Cases in Chicken: Characteristics of Bacterial Diseases and Antibiotic Resistance, by Nguyen Thi Phuoc Ninh, PhD.
  4. Antibiotic Proper Use and Measures to Reduce Antibiotic in Animal Husbandry, by Assoc. Prof. Vo Thi Tra An, PhD.

Conference Hall 2, 2nd Floor, SECC

13.00-13.45 “Reveal a Hidden Product Quality”, by Dr. Satorn Chotkovie, D.V.M., Mr. Pornchai Srichunhadah, Pharmacist, Mr. Wasan Huayhongthong, D.V.M., Mr. Teerapol Jindawong

14.00-14.45 “How Electromagnetic Frequencies Improve Animal Health and Performance”by Ms. Caroline Decaux, MSc, agr., R&D Manager, Ceresco Nutrition (Canada)

15.00-15.45 “The Value of Avoiding Feed Induced Immune Response in Poultry and Pigs”, by Dr. Neil Gripper, Behn Meyer

16.00-16.45 “A Comprehensive Approach to Immune Modulation in Poultry & Swine Nutrition”, by Dr. Kuo Wei-Ssu, ICC Brazil

Meeting Room 3, 3rdFloor, SECC

09.15-10.15 “BIOSECUTIRY & HEALTH ASSURANCE AT A BOAR STUD”, by Dr. José Antonio García Ruvalcaba, Technical service Director, Kubus

10.15-11.15 “PHOSPHOLIPIDS in Animal Nutrition”, by Dr. SANDOR ZSARNOCZAY , Berg + Schmidt

11.15-12.15 “The Canadian Purebred Breeding Program in Vietnam”, by Mr. Gordon Waters, Xuan Phu Cooperative

11.15-12.15 “Water Soluble Products, Anigane and Selectolyte for Improve Productvity. Coptrol for Controlling Algea in the Water”, by Mr.Brett Ruth, Xuan Phu Cooperative

11.15-12.15 “The Canadian Nutrition Products Help to Improve Productivity Performance for the Animals”, Mr. Danh Phan, Xuan Phu Cooperative

13.00-14.00 “Diarrhea in Pigs-Challenges for Control”, by Dr. Steven McOrist, Amlan

14.30-15.15 “How to Increase Profit in Swine Production”, by Big Dutchman

15.30-16.15 “FCR and Fatteners, the Most Economical Parameter to Improve”, by PhD. Andre VAN LANKVELD, Swine Technical Manager, BIOMIN

16:15-17:00 “Improve the Livestock Performance Through Diseases Diagnosis”, by PhD. Dinh Xuan Phat, Nong Lam University, SANPHAR

Meeting Room 4, 3rd Floor, SECC

09.00-15.00 ILDEX Vietnam Aquaculture Symposium, by FAVA

09.00-09.30 “Introduction to Infection Diseases of Tilapia and Strip Catfish”, by Dr. Channarong Rodkhum

09.30-10.00 Franciscellosis, by Dr. Channarong Rodkhum

10.00-10.30 Coffee Break

10.30-11.00 “Streptococcosia in Tilapia”, by Dr. Pattanapon Kayansamruaj

11.00-11.30 “Columnaris Disease in Tilapia and Strip Catfish”, by Dr. Dong Thanh Ha

11.30-12.00 “Concurrent Infection & Miscellaneous Diseases”, by Dr. Noppadon Pirarat

13.00-13.30 “Antibiotic Resistance in Aquaculture”, by Dr. Channarong Rodkhum

13.30-14.00 “Vaccine for Tilapia and Strip Catfish”, by Dr. Pattanapon Kayansamrua

14.00-14.30 Coffee Break

14.30-15.00 “Viral Nervous Necrosis in Tilapia”, by Dr. Noppadon Pirarat

15:00-15:45 “Munters Products”, by Phan Hoang Linh, Munters

Friday, 25th March 2016

Conference Hall 2, 2nd Floor, SECC

“Dairy Connects Vietnam: The Approach & Application for Vietnam Animal Husbandry Industry Integrating to ASEAN and TPP”

10:00-10:30 “Development of Dairy Beef Production Sustainability Before Asian Integration and TPP”, by Pr. Mr Hoàng Kim Giao, Livestock Association Chairman in Vietnam & Mr. Lê Văn Thông, Director of Livestock Center

10:30-10:50 “Development Development For High-Tech Applications”, by Mr.Ngo Tien Dung, Secretary General of High-Tech Application in Agriculture Association 

10:50-11:30 “Why US Jersey Dairy Cows”, by Mr. Keith Long, VA Agri Department – USA

11:30-11:45 “The Dairy Sector As a Tool For Substainable Development: The Isreali Experience”, by Mr. Daniel WERNR, Director of projects, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Center for International Agriculture Development Cooperation (CINADCO)

13:00-13:20 “Antibody- IgOne Improve Disease Resistance, Survival Rate and Growing Capabilities of the Calf Grows”, by Mr. Nguyen Quang Thong, CTCBIO Viet Nam Company

13:20-13:40 “The Current Stable of Caprine Husbandry and Its Potentials in the Prospect of TPP”, by Ms.Le Thi Thuy, Associate Professor

13:40-14:10 “To Contribute to Enlarge Livestock in Vietnam by Developing Manufacturing in Sperms and Embryos Management, Technical Equipment and Supplying Systems”, by Mr. Luu Hung Son, Director of Asia Pacific Dairy Cattle One Member Company Limited  

14:10-14:30 “Method of Providing Food and Suitable Nutrition For Dairy Cattle”, by Mr.Phan Van Danh, Director of Xuan Phu Company

14:10-14:30 “Yeast Products Use in Dairy Cattle”, by Mr. Brett Ruth, Gereral Director of Rural Chemical Industries(Aust) Pty Ltd    

15:00-15:30 “Genetics, The French Experience”, by Mr.Sandrine DUFEU, Area Export Manager EVOLUTION INTERNATIONAL

15:30-16:00 Closing Meeting and Thank You by Representative of VEAS, by Mr. Romain Marselli, Business Development Director of VEAS

Meeting Room 1, 3rd Floor, SECC

10.30-11.15 The ADIMIX® Advantage: Different Butyrate Delivery in the Gut Triggers Different Effects, by Dr. Tim Goossens, Nutriad

11.30-12.15 “Creamom for Meat Quality”, by Dr. La Van Kinh, VLS Department, Evonik

10.00-16.00 Global Milling Conference by Perendale

The customized (global) milling conference targetting the essential challenges for the feed milling industry. Organised by Perendale Publishers from the UK this conference strong content driven and is divided into a morning session Milling & Pig Genetics and the afternoon session and the Aquatic review.  Conference admission is charged at 1.200.000 VND for the entire day.

Meeting Room 3, 3rd Floor, SECC

Registration and arrival start at 9 am.

10:00-12:00  Milling and Pig Genetic Update Conference

  1. The role of a robust feed industry in a modern world: By Roger Gilbert CEO of Perendale Publishers
  2.  Feeding pigs to maximise output: By Chris Jackson Export Manager, British Pig Association, UK
  3. Optimizing Genetic Potential (An Environmental Perspective): By Roger Parfitt, Technical Solutions Chief, Animal farm division, Famsun, China

12.00-13.30 Lunch Break

13.30-15.30  The Aquatic Review Conference

  1. The role of a robust feed industry in a modern world: By Roger Gilbert CEO of Perendale Publishers
  2. Aquafeed – Quality & Processing Innovations: By Olmix
  3. How to Process Quality Feed using Extrusion Technology: By expert researcher Mr Main Raiz at Texas A&M University, USA

For questions about the program or registration: please contact Mrs Eloise Hillier-Richardson at or via: +44 1242 267700

*subject to change

Professional Speakers

VIV Master Class: Key Essays



VIV Master Class Vietnam, 14 Jan 2016

What solutions enhance the health of weaner pigs?
Mr. Nguyen Cong Chuong- Technical & Quality Manager from De Heus LLC Vietnam

Optimising gut performance in pigs: Asian and Australian experiences
Dr. Neil Gannon, Regional Product Manager

Trends in Pig Health
Carlo Maala, Technical Animal Health Expert, Boehringer Ingelheim

What is the best practice about PRRS Monitoring, Control and Eradication
Mrs. Joanna Marie Dorado, Technical Field Specialist from IDEXX laboratories

Genetics; A Key success factor for successful swine production
Mr. Abe Huisman, Director R&D, Hypor

The best practice of climate needs for pigs – and how to fulfil it
Mr. Carsten Bo Pedersen & Mr Jørgen Møller Andersen, Climate Expert from SKOV Asia

Key Success Factors for Swine Farming in Vietnam
Mr. Patrick Ty, Field Expert, Big Dutchman Vietnam

ILDEX Vietnam 2016 Presentation
VIV Rehearsal 14 Jan 2016

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