Two conferences present specialists in milling, genetics and aqua

ILDEX Vietnam 2016 offers visitors an opportunity to hear and learn in detail the background to some exciting new technologies during the three-day exhibition.

Two half-day conferences will be held on March 25, 2016, one on Milling and Genetics and the other on Aquaculture. The Milling and genetic conference will present presentations which will look at the global feed industry and its role in meeting the needs of a modern industry followed by two presentations on pig genetic developments and pig farm management.

Mr. Roger Gilbert, with a background in global feed industry, and after serving 22 years as the secretary general of the International Feed Industry Federation and as publisher of the oldest milling magazine still in print – Milling and Grain – will present his views on livestock feeding and what the future holds for feed manufacturers in a world where feed is still not considered central to safe and affordable food production.

He will be followed by Mr. Chris Jackson the export manager for the British Pig Association who will trace the genetic development of the major breeds and how genetic improvement has assisted farmers in reducing their costs of production while improving meat quality. Mr. Jackson is the winner of the VIV Asia ‘Pig Personality of the Year Award 2014’ and is widely respected expert on pig genetics throughout Asia.

Mr. Roger Parfitt is the technical solutions chief for Famsun’s animal farm division and will be reviewing pig farming and management systems where modern equipment plays a vital role.

The Milling and Genetic Update Conference will begin at 10:00 in Meeting Room 3 on the third floor of the SECC in Saigon on Friday March 25, 2016. There is onsite registration of 1,200,000 Vietnamese Dong (US$52).

The second half-day conference is on aquaculture and is called ‘The Aquatic Review Conference 2016’. It will begin at 13:30 and finish at 15:30. Mr. Roger Gilbert will continue from his morning session and address aqua feed production, looking at the issues it faces in the 21st Century. He is also the publisher of International Aquafeed magazine.

Two other presentations will bring nutrition and processing to the attention of delegates. Quick Trieu Nguyen, the aquaculture coordinator of Olmx, a French company specialized in algae products for the industry and strongly represented in Vietnam, will look at ‘Sustainable solutions for optimizing aquatic diets’ This is a must-hear presentation as it is now common knowledge that the industry is actively moving away from fishmeal inclusion and this presentation will look at what’s involved in seeking alternatives.

The final speaker of the day is the globally-renowned Dr. Mian Riaz from Texas A&M University who will address the topic of ‘How to process quality feed using extrusion technology for aqua feeds.

Dr. Riaz is the Director of Food Protein R&D Center, Head of Extrusion Technology Program and graduate faculty in the Food Science and Technology Program at Texas A&M University, USA.
He has published five books, 20 chapters and more than 100 papers on extrusion and other related topics. Three of his books are in the area of extrusion, Extruders in Food Application, Extruders and Expanders in Pet Food, Aquatic and Livestock Feeds and Extrusion Problem Solved.

Dr. Riaz is a frequent speaker at international and national conferences and meetings and so far he has delivered more than 200 presentations in 52 countries. Every year he organizes four courses in the area of extrusion. He has been with the Texas A&M system for 18 years. He also has a teaching appointment in the Nutrition and Food Science Department.

The Aquatic Review Conference 2016 will begin at 13:30 in Meeting Room 3 on the third floor of the SECC in Saigon
On Friday March 25, 2016. There is onsite registration of 1,200,000 Vietnamese Dong (US$52).

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