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Quat-Chem Ltd is a UK-based chemical manufacturing company, specialising in Industrial Biocidal Chemicals and Preventive Hygiene Technologies. We cater to the speciality chemical requirements of a wide range of industries.

The Company’s investment in Research & Development in Chemistry has resulted in a proprietary portfolio of innovative formulated hygiene products. These are market-driven ranges designed to meet diverse industrial microbial control challenges:

  • Dairy Hygiene: Teat dips for the wellbeing of dairy cows and to ensure high dairy productivity
  • Food & Beverage: Food safe detergent-sanitisers, de-scalants, and de-greasers to help meet stringent food safety standards
  • Poultry & Livestock: Virucidal disinfectants for infectious disease control in agricultural farming
  • Aquaculture: Disinfectants for enhanced productivity and seafood quality

Quat-Chem’s distribution partner, Ruby Company Ltd offer a portfolio of Quat-Chem disinfectants in Vietnam designed to meet biosecurity requirements in the Dairy, Livestock, and Aquaculture sectors. Together we deliver cost-effective solutions for maximum agricultural productivity, and safe working environments. To discuss your specific requirements visit our booth B29.


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