José Antonio García Ruvalcaba

José Antonio García Ruvalcaba,  DVM, MSc

KUBUS, S.A. Technical Department

Work Experience:

  • Training School for Livestock Farming at Ministry of Education in México. Technical promotion to develop livestock farms in mountain comunities from México. 1981
  • Department of Animal Reproduction at National Institute of Research in Livestock and Agriculture (INIA) in Madrid, Spain. 1983-1984
  • Technical Department of Upjohn Laboratories Company in México.
  • Responsible of Technical Services and field trials with prostaglandins in swine. 1985-1986
  • Marketing and Sales Department of Upjohn Laboratories Company in Central México. 1986-1987
  • National Centre in Reproducion and Artificial Insemination for Pigs (CENARIPO), of the Regional Association of Pig Producers in Central México. Technical Department. Responsible of Technical Service. 1987-1988
  • KUBUS, S.A.: Technical and Sales Department

Biosecurity and Health Assurance at a Boar Station

José Antonio García Ruvalcaba,  DVM, MSc

KUBUS, S.A. Technical Department

Europolis, Las Rozas (Madrid). SPAIN


Preventing the introduction of disease agents into the farms is a continuous challenge for pork producers and veterinarians.

Is well known that the main route of disease entry to a farm is through introduction of genetic material. The replacement of live animals offers the greatest risk of disease transmission. Artificial insemination decrease this risk; however, biosecurity still is very important because bacteria and viruses can be spread from infected boars to females through semen.

Moreover, the presence of bacterial contamination in semen will decrease the fertilizing capacity of the spermatozoa.

Consequently, it is recommended  an efficient biosecurity protocol  in all the process of boar management, from replacement of new boars, housing and from production to delivery of semen to the farms.

In this paper we will go over the most important concepts of biosecurity for an insemination stud.

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