Master Class Interactive Essay program

Today’s inspiration for tomorrow’s implementation
Interactive Essay program Master Class

The 2nd Master Class on 23rd of March a dedicated to swine nutritionists, veterinarians, farm managers and slaughter houses. An essay driven discussion having the interaction between you as the delegate and expertise from the  speakers. On 14th of January 230 delegates voted for a live panel discussion based on questionable essays: Sharing profound knowledge on concrete cases. The VIV Master Class offers the practical know-how of real life practices to make your company perform better.

Today’s inspiration for tomorrow implementation!
Professional research essays from:

Dr Jan Cortenbach, CTO at Royal De Heus
(BSc) Andre Van Lankveld, Swine expert at Biomin Europe
Wyno Zwanenburg, Former President of Dutch pig farmers

Carsten Bo Berdersen, Climate experts from SKOV
Dr Patrick Ty, Managing Director from Proline Asia and Big Dutchman Vietnam / Swine expert
Berry Klerks, Pig slaughtering expert from MPS

Moderator: Mr.Roger Gilbert, CEO of Perendale Publishers Limited

When and where: Meeting Room 2 (3rd Floor) SECC, ILDEX Vietnam 2016, 12:30 – 17:00 hrs.

How to register: RSVP at Online Link.. (100 seats are limited) FULL

For more information, please visit or call +662 6700900 ext. 122
We look forward to see you there.

Saengtip Techapatiphandee, VIV worldwide
Manuel Madani,VIV worldwide

Master Class Interactive Essay program

Value creation in Swine production by VIV Asia
23rd of March 2016 at Meeting Room 2 (3rd Floor) SECC, ILDEX Vietnam 2016

12.30 Hrs. Arrival for registration
13.00 Hrs: Introductory practice of Mr. Wyno Zwanenburg, president of Netherlands Union for Pig Farmers: The results of 30 years pig farming with quality & safety production, animal health & well- being at max efficiency

13.00 – 15.00 Hrs: Diet optimization & health
Essays from Dr Jan Cortenbach, CTO at Royal De Heus:
1. How much influence has a daily cup of sugar for 5 days after weaning on farm performance?
2. How much money we can earn by changing from gestation feed to lactation feed at a later stage in the pregnancy?
3. Will the feed intake before weaning have influence on the fattening period?

Essays from Ing. (BSc) Andre Van Lankveld, Swine expert at Biomin Europe:
1. How can we handle pig production without the standard use of AGPs?
2. What are the key nutritional solutions to overcome heat stress in pigs?
3. How do endotoxins impact the health of sows and piglets?

15.00 – 17.00 Hrs: Profitable swine farms and processing
Essays of Carsten Bo Berdersen & Joergen Moeller Andersen, Climate experts from SKOV:
1. Why is it important to do a good research on location and climate?
2. Why is it important with the right ventilation system for the right climate?
3. How to control the climate in the different houses and for different animals?

Essays of Dr Patrick Ty, Managing Director from Proline Asia and Swine expert:
1. Is it possible to maximize your profit with high weaned pigs, with 95% sold as full-value pigs?
2. Does Best cost approach serve you better than Least cost approach? Or otherwise?
3. Are today’s swine farm capable of achieving new record?

Essays of Berry Klerks, Pig slaughtering expert from MPS (the Netherlands):
1. Improving yield and lower the cost is easy?
2. How to trace meat from farm to fork?

Note: Programs are subject to change without notice.

Sponsored by: SKOV, Biomin
Empowered by: Big Dutchman, De Heus, MPS, Holland Pig
Partner Event: ILDEX

Dr Acharya Sailasuta

FAVA Team ready for ILDEX Vietnam

Warmest greetings to the FAVA-ILDEX 2016 Seminar, which will be held on
24 March, 2016, ILDEX Vietnam 2016, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

On behalf of the secretary general of Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations, FAVA, I am pleased to welcome all of you to the Aquatic Symposium with special invited speakers from Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. FAVA proud to host the seminar with the impact of tremendous growth of Aquatic industry in ASEAN. We realized that the knowledge on the fish’s disease and innovative technology on the improvement of the fish industry.

I look forward to the greater collaboration on the knowledge exchanges among the stakeholders in the aquatic industry as well as aquatic veterinarian. We address and contain our pursuit of a more enrich able in the livestock industry in our region in the future.

May, I then offer my sincerest wishes that the Aquatic symposium will continue its path on good friendship and fruitfully regional collaboration.

Dr Acharya Sailasuta signature

Dr.Acharya Sailasuta, DVM, FRVCS, PhD, Dip. In ACCM, DTBVP
FAVA Secretary General, Email: /

Expert keynote speakers in Aquatic Symposium

Expert keynote speakers in Aquatic Symposium.
Mr.Pattanapon Kayansamruaj, Nopadon Pirarat, Channarong Rodkhum and Dong Thanh Ha

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A Comprehensive Approach to Immune Modulation in Poultry & Swine Nutrition

“A Comprehensive Approach to Immune Modulation in Poultry & Swine Nutrition” by ICC Brazil
ICC Brazil is pleased to announce their seminar session taking place in scheduled for the 2016 ILDEX Vietnam edition next March in HCM city.

The Brazilian company specialized in yeast additives development since 1992 will be represented by its Sales Manager from ICC China, one of the company subsidiaries.

The Speaker, Dr KuoWei-Ssu had his PhD in Animal Science from University of Nebraska-Lincoln with 14 years of experience in Animal Nutrition Industry.

Dr KuoWei-Ssu will be speaking in a the lecture titled “A Comprehensive Approach to Immune Modulation in Poultry & Swine Nutrition” and showing the approaches of the different Immune System mechanisms and additives capable of modulation and more specifically the ImmunoWall® from ICC Brazil.

ImmunoWall® is well known not only in the Vietnamese Market but also in markets overseas due to its high quality consistency and Beta Glucan 1,3-1,6 levels, being an as being an efficient & natural prebiotic.

He The Speaker will also be sharing some relevant data from trials conducted in Brazil, United States, Taiwan &the Philippines showing ImmunoWall® performance while in fighting with local diseases and replacing growth promoters in Poultry and Swine nutrition.

Dr KuoWei-Ssu

Dr. KuoWei-Ssu
PhD in Animal Science from University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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